A client gets more than he/she expects with us


Production of high-quality craft packaging and its sale from stock and made to order, providing a high level of service and quality standards for our clients.


Provide high-quality and safe craft packaging to everyone who does not use it yet, providing high-quality goods and superior service for consumers of this packaging


A professional team of experts in craft packaging, who know how to use it in the markets, and have knowledge and skills in its promotion.




We take care about the details! Production of craft bags and craft packages requires care in everything, that is why more than seven people are involved in the production of each unit of the product.

Our company has always valued reputation more than money – this is how we are liable on our obligations, since often products that are inside a paper package or paper bag are much more expensive than packaging and we are liable for the entire product as a whole, rather than for the bag or package…

This is what our standing and new client appreciate – they are confident in us, in our quality, timing, and price!

Aleksey Perminov – founder of the company


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