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Identifying your needs

At this stage, we ask many questions in order to find out exactly what is needed, when, how much, what kind of package or bag will be, what will be inside, what features of the product, its positioning and many other questions in order to better understand the specifics of a client and meet his/her expectations as much as possible


Get a trial sample

We print and assemble in a single copy of a product that will look visually like every product in a lot. It can be used for photography, for an exhibition, to define size or for presentations.


Pre-calculation and signing of documents

Based on the identified needs, we make an accurate cost calculation, taking into account all conditions – the number of products, paper used, colors, lead-time, form of packaging, place of delivery, payment terms, and documentation workflow. After signing and prepayment, the order is transferred to production.


Preproduction prototype approval

After providing the customer with a prototype, the customer checks the prototype in terms of its compliance with the geometry, arrangement of printed elements, pictures, correct information and color solutions. He/she approves it with a signature or confirmation in an email.


Transfer to production


Get to know status of your order

In the process of going through production, we provide the client with information about status of the order at every stage, thereby confirming compliance with the agreements made and the client can plan his/her activities based on knowledge of the production process.


Shipment and delivery of the finished products



As soon as the client receives the product, we enquire what was good working with us and what else we can improve, so that the client could be more satisfied with the next order.


Packaging design development

In the process of paper packaging production, our company provides services on development of design of paper bags and paper packages. You can make an order from 10,000 pcs –and get your design for free.

Order from 10,000 pcs. –get your design for free!

Visualization of the product

Prior to launch a batch into production, we can make a 3-dimensional visual model.

Free delivery

If you order a print run, we will deliver it to your warehouse for free.

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